Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Government Incompetence

Highlighted portions of an internal audit about Colorado's Department of Homeland Security shows just what a bureaucracy does for the people.
Just where and who has this $1 million dollar check and why have they not cashed it? I could understand if who has it is afraid the funds won't be there. After all it is from a State that is running a deficit.
Night vision goggles , communications equipment still in its purchase packages. No accountability on ATV's that they have.
Contracts that are awarded then re amended for more money. Hey if the contract does not cover the cost then it means that the contract was underbid and the awarded needs to cough up the cost of overruns. NOT THE PEOPLE!
Why are county employees being allowed to bid on contracts themselves. This smacks of corruption. It is why it is not allowed. Someone messed up ion this one big time. Can you say bureaucrat?
The biggest question is why is a State agency or any government agency using small sleazy IRS hiding tactics when doing their books. Auditors found that there are TWO (2) sets of books being kept, thus making a real accountability of accounting impossible to do.
This agency was created by Democratic Governor Bill Ritter in 2007. Ritter is nothing more then another yes man for the Democratic party. Which should tell you something about transparency and accountability. As demonstrated in Washington, they believe that they are above the rest of us and do not have to answer questions of what they are doing.
Are you paying attention? I am.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Denver tax tea Party

It is almost here. tax day. The day we celebrate our indentured servitude to the government. This year marks an even more special day of servitude as it may be the last time we can call our selves a free nation.

The power grab being made by the left in this country is mind numbing. Unconstitutional authority to fire CEO's and change the board of directors. If I were an investor I would think twice about any company that is talking to the government let along accepting money form the government.

The forced production of products that the consumer does not want. The lack of leadership on the energy front. Not to mention the lies about not raising taxes on the middle and lower classes.

This has to be the biggest lie out there. It is the middle and lower classes that are facing the biggest increase in taxation to date. A rise in the energy bills, commodities that we enjoy. A money grab on tobacco, food, and other LEGAL acts that the lower and middle classes participate in.

This is no longer the America of my forefathers, but a socialist country on the verge of a Hugo Chavez dictatorship. The greatest generation ever is unfortunately dieing off and the baby boomers seem to be idiots who believe that they are entitled to everything. The notion of a work ethic is an insult to the vast majority of Baby Boomers and generation Xers. Not to mention that this latest generation has no clue of what a work ethic is. Lining up for government handouts then demanding more and more.

The Denver Tea party will be April 15Th on the west steps of the Colorado State Capital from noon to 1:30. Bring signs, shirts, bumper stickers and your VOICE. Be heard one last time before you are censored for good.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colorado instate tuition

Once again the pro amnesty open border crowd is trying desperately to push their agenda down the throats of American Citizens and our check books. Certain Latino organizations met on the est steps of Colorado's state Capitol Monday to promote legislation that harms ALL COLORADO legal citizens. Demanding that ILLEGAL ALIENS be granted instate tuition rights.

Over 150 people including the mothers and high school students, many of which were illegal themselves entered the state chambers and tried to lobby their agenda to Colorado lawmakers. In hopes of swaying them to give more rights to illegals. Illegals who should have been met on the west steps by ICE officials.

Fortunately lawmakers are being called to the carpet in denying this poor policy. Many are on the phones and sending e-mail demanding that their Representatives do not authorise illegals in state tuition rights.

Why should Illegal Aliens be granted instate tuition fees when first they are breaking the law by being here ILLEGALLY. Two why are the immigration laws not enforced upon these law breakers when we know that they are illegal. They should have been arrested on the spot, and finally. If someone from another country is granted in state tuition then why are students, form American states not granted the same right of in state tuition?

Are you watching people?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Betsy Hoffman spins her testimony

In the first week of the Ward "liar " Churchill case, we have seen and heard all about how the evil Republican party went after Ward boy and tried to censor his free speech. Not only is this a political misstep that should he win for some unknown reason will damage free speech rights every where. It is far from the truth of his dismissal.

Betsy Hoffman has her own axe to grind against the University of Colorado as she was let go as well over her own incompetence. Her lack of fact checking on staff, and dismal approach of leadership which lead to many scandals including the football sex parties is why she is gone. This being said she testified this week in favor of Ward Churchill's absurd spin that he was let go for statements he made over the 9/11 attack. Comparing the victims to German Nazis during WWII.

The truth that Ward falsified his ethnic background and claimed he is native American in which he is not, plagiarised several writings that the actual writers now say were wrong in the first place and retracted their conclusions of their own writing. Ward stands by his level of academia dismal leftist rants as being free speech.

Betsy Hoffman claims she was pressured by Republican forces to not only launch an investigation into Ward but to let him go for his speeches on 9/11. When in fact the investigation was prompted by his words. The conclusion of the investigation showed that Ward Churchill is an academic fraud on all counts.

Ward is not only a leftist who lies about his background. He is an activist in the AIM movement. Well he was til AIM disassociated themselves from him. He still makes his rallies and spews forth his anti government rants and hatred for those who are not progressive in their thinking. Typical tactics by the left of lie, innuendo, and spin of facts to promote their enlightened thinking.

Betsy seems to be coming to Wards aid by grinding her own axe of progressive attitudes. Her failure to look into the credentials of not only Ward but several other tenured staff is what got her removed. Not pressure of Wards hate speech.

Should Churchill win his case, all parents considering the University of Colorado need to rethink sending their children to a school that refuses to hold any standards of ethics and education. Alumni need to also rethink their donations to a school that will call into question their own credentials of academia.

Spin the truth first.

It is being reported here in Denver that crime is down. That in this economic mess that is being orchestrated by an inept State Administration , lead by Gov. Bill Ritter. Who is just taking his cues from the Democratic Party in Washington D.C. The crimes rates are dropping and down.

In the past crime rates tend to go up as money tightens and unemployment rises. Yet we have a news article that is saying headlines just the opposite of what history tells us happens. Go to the Channel 9 news page
( http://www.9news.com/news/local/article.aspx?storyid=111894&catid=222 )

They later explain that all the stats may not be in yet and that it is possible that the trend of historical data of higher crime rates in economic down times may yet still rise in the Denver metro area.

In short we have a non news article being sold as good news over a lack of factual basis to support it.


Better be watching people. The MSM is not.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ritter ties horse to Obama economics

Playing straight down the party line. Governor Bill Ritter has tied Colorado's economic future to that of the soon to fail boondoggle known as Obama economics, or the stimulus package.

In the State of the State address, Gov. Ritter said:

In this legislative session, in this tough economy, we'll need to make tough choices, we'll need to collaborate and listen to one another as we chart a Colorado way forward. Our challenges need more than just Democratic ideas or Republican ideas. We need uniquely Colorado ideas.

"Families and businesses throughout Colorado are facing challenges they haven't seen in generations. Families are making different decisions, setting different priorities, and sacrificing. Just like every family in Colorado, we'll need to make tough choices here in the Capitol as well.

"Over the next 120 days, our collective focus must be on protecting businesses, creating jobs, and managing the budget. I will look at everything we work on this session through the lens of the economy -- of what's responsible now and what's best for the long run."

Those achievements, coupled with sound decisions to be made this legislative session and beyond, along with having a stronger federal partner with the incoming Obama administration, will better position Colorado for a quicker rebound when the economy recovers, Gov. Ritter said.

Now anyone who has had a brief look at both the House bill and the newly released Senate bill. A quick glance shows lots and lots of pork, wasteful spending, planned budgeting for the next ten years and a lack of job creation. In other words a lack of stimulus in general for the public and private sectors. However the government sector shall do fine as long as the American tax payer stays quiet and pays the bill.

Instead of looking at where the government wastes money, both Ritter and Obama are looking to increase governmental spending and dependency. Ritter has demonstrated his contempt by back dooring in unions into the government work place and now supports the card check intimidation bill. A lack of respect for the TABOR amendment and how government is supposed to be limited in its spending.

Ritter talks about bipartisanship but refuses any attempt like his com padres in Washington. Refuses to listen to fiscal responsibility. It is tax and spend on a grand scale. One that reaches new heights and sets a higher ceiling on wasteful projects, social engineering and a welfare state promotion.

Ritter would like to be known for balancing the States budget , yet ion the same breath he talks about ribbing the states emergency fund to help balance the budget. This is irresponsible. Although he talks of a reduction of 800 million dollars. this will not be achieved as Colorado has increased its welfare program entitlements. The theft from the emergency fund is a paper play to look good but the damages it opens itself up to should there be a real emergency are numerous. The emergency fund is there for just that ... emergencies.

The signing of House Bill 1001 is a ruse to make feel good legislation a part of Ritters administration. Creating no new jobs with in reason. This bill does nothing for corporations to enhance their workforce. It is a credit not a cut in taxes. Again a line of thinking that predominates liberals and has no reality effect.

Ritter would like to require home-sellers to disclose energy bills for the past 12 months. OK that's all fine and well. However any responsible home buyer should be asking this and more detailed questions before purchase. Oh wait we know that only government nanny ism can protect the buyer and should protect the buyer from scrupulous sellers. The old adage of BUYER BEWARE has been replaced with GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Gov. Bill Ritter closes his State of the State with the following Obama ism

"We must not give in to partisan politics. We must not let cynicism win out over hope. We must not let fear win out over faith," he said. "The people of Colorado are counting on us to govern well. We have been given the privilege of serving, the responsibility of charting a clear path forward. Let's make good on the Colorado Promise, together."

Clearly Ritter has had his speech copied somewhat from President Obama and his non partisanship complete partisanship speech.

An accurate translation for this would be:

Good people do not listen to the truth of the matter, believe only what we tell you. As progressive liberalism is the only thing that will save you from the evil capitalist that we are blaming a lack of responsible democratic leadership on.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lost Hope and Lack of Change

As we are continually pummeled with by the MSM. Hope and Change have come to Washington. A new era of government is at hand, but where is it really?

President Obama has assured us of transparency but we see that there is none. A continual same as before and a return of as it once was is being provided. The change in politics seems to be a change for the worse. The hope is that of hope to bring fear to the public.

Nothing new is being presented by the Democrats in office. As a matter of fact the change is more of a return to the failed policies and lack of projected strength of the United States to the world. Jimmy Carter era policies are being rammed through in congress with a total lack of concern for the consequences to the economy.

Pork is the name of the game. A game in which who gets the most pork and what it is wasted upon. I and several others have continued to ask what is the significance of 800 billion. Why is this a key number for the stimulus package (pork ridden, looser of a bill).

Well I have my answer. The reason that 800 billion is key is the fact this is what Obama wants spent. There are no figures, rhyme or reason as to the conclusion of this number. It just the number that President Obama wants to spend.

The Democratic party, obviously drunk on their new found positions of power. Are doing all they can to get reckless and wasteful spending on social welfare programs passed. The reason is they have the numbers to vote yes. As too many in the Democratic party are playing along and voting as they are told. Very few realise the damages that they are conspirators to.

This is the opportune time for the liberals in congress to force America to accept their ideas and policies. Knowing full well that they are being aided by the MSM in a lack of coverage to the sham policies being presented and passed.

This stimulus package is only the first of many travesties to the American way of life to come. As Nancy Pelosi has rewritten the House rules on debate, or now the lack there of. The so called transparency that Obama has promised the American people is no where to be found. Examples abound as to this. His vetting process has hidden many flaws to his choices of cabinet members for his administration. If it was not for the fact of key bloggers like Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Michelle Malkin, or even the news page of the Drudge Report. Many of these key players would never be exposed for their tax evasion and other morally corrupt ways.

With the Senate presenting a new stimulus amendment that the people are being kept from seeing until it is either leaked or passed. So much for the transparency.

Some more change is the fact that little countries that once were friends to the United States no longer are. They have caved to the left and are against us. Venezuela, Bolivia, and now Ecuador. Having no respect for those who govern the USA the left in these countries are pursuing anti American policies of their own knowing full well that Washington will not hinder but aid the left in their efforts.

A little policy known as the Monroe doctrine once kept European countries and the Soviet Union out of Central and South America. However as the liberal left in Washington ignores this Russia and China are not only seeking active economic influence but military influence as well in this part of the world.

Russia is building not only weapons plants in South America but bases there as well as in the Caribbean. China is moving its oil and energy expansion into Mexico. China is also moving its Military into Mexico as quietly as church mice. Calling them police adviser's for the war on drugs.

We the people were promised time and again by the left of the Democratic party that they were going to bring us hope. As we are only a few weeks into the new Congress and Administration it has become saddenly clear that this was a lie. A return to failed closed backroom dealings, and policies are the main agenda. A push to be one sided in decisions, with a clear lack of acceptance for the minority party. A chance to run rampant into the dark night with no light to see the way.

When the moderates wake up and realise that they voted for change and hope , what they really got was neither. Then maybe this country can get back on its feet and see some real hope and change.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Nancy Pelosi in denial or just SENILE.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has come out and made the most outrageous statement. She has claimed to be non partisan. Lets look at her statement.

Here is what she said:

“I didn’t come here to be partisan. I didn’t come here to be bipartisan. I came here, as did my colleagues, to be nonpartisan, to work for the American people, to do what is in their interest.
The president’s agenda is reflected in this legislation. It’s — I mentioned, some of the priorities that were there about creating jobs, cutting taxes, helping states through this difficult economic time, and to do so in a fiscally sound way.

Fiscally sound? Say that again please. This bill is loaded with pork. Money for condoms, foreign nations are getting our money to conduct abortions. Something we do not fund even for our own citizens. Billions of dollars for the political activist group ACORN. Where is the real tax cuts? WE have tax credits proposed but no tax cuts.

People vote for what they believe in. Clearly, the Republicans did not believe in the agenda that I just described for you, and that’s probably one of the reasons they voted that way. I think they probably voted their conscience and they couldn’t support that. …

Yes and it is a good thing that the Republicans showed the American people who truly are the fiscally responsible ones in Washington when it comes to this nonsense of a bill.

We reached out to the Republicans all along the way, and they know it. And they know it. They were part of the original bill, with the — some of the tax provisions were their suggestions. They had what they asked for in terms of committee mark-up. They had the rule on the floor that gave them plenty of opportunity to make changes. They just didn’t have the ideas that had the support of the majority of the people in the Congress. ”

You reached out to the Republican party? Just how was this accomplished? When was it? Was it before or after Nancy Pelosi rewrote the house rules. The ones in which she has eliminated debate on the floor. The ones in which she has denied the removal of bills and sending them back to committee? Did she extend her hand to the Republican party before or after she called in the Democratic party without notifying the Republicans of certain voted prior to the Christmas break in 2008.

Nancy claims she has listened to the Republican party yet she refuses to acknowledge any of the Republican proposals on the stimulus bill, or any other bill for that matter.

Nancy has been the most partisan Speaker of the House in memory. For her to claim she is not is either denial or a lie. However if you listen to her speak and the things she says. One can easily conclude that maybe she is getting old and is simply SENILE.

I am watching this. Are you paying attention?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gov. Ritter wants Colorado to have Terrorists

In an appalling announcement Governor Bill Ritter made a statement to the press of how he agrees with Congressman John Murtha. You know the loud mouth pork addict from Pennsylvania.

In a remark that was not only offensive but full of lack of thought and intellect. Gov. Ritter said that Colorado's maximum security prison and federal prison near Florence Colorado could and should accept the detainees from Gitmo. A move that perked all ears here in Colorado.

If Ritter was thinking most people do not listen to his socialistic ways. Well he is correct. Colorado a traditional conservative state has been moving further down the slippery slope of liberalism for the last 8 years. As liberals are further embedded into our government here. Their refusal to follow the State Constitution and the law mimics that of the national Legislature. The lack of enforcement of TABOR is just the cap of the oncoming ice flow about to tear this state and economy apart.

With the liberal cry of close Gitmo, the problem of what to do with these now ENEMY COMBATANTS. At first anyone who has read the Geneva Convention and articles of War would conclude rightfully so that these detainees are not eligible for regular military tribunal let alone moved to a civilian court of law.

The liberal left has since day one called for the release of those who want to kill us. Now President Obama is left with the situation of where to put these madmen. Well Congressman Murtha and now Gov. Ritter are saying bring them here. Bring them to our homes and neighborhoods in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

It is bad enough that Gov.Ritter refuses to enforce the laws on immigration. But now he wants to throw into the mix of ILLEGAL ALIENS loose in the state of Colorado islamofascist. Not the friendly environment he is telling the world Colorado represents.

With the over abundance of those who would legislate from the legal bench instead of interpret the law. Colorado could end up with these terrorist easily free on our streets.

Now isn't that a wonderful thought for the Mile High State.

I am watching, are you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hickenlooper says Employees stay home, again

It is a never ending story of literally we have to hurt the little guy in order to keep the government working. Well that's the liberal view any ways.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is not to happy about how people are spending their money. As a matter of fact he wants to join the line of hand outs being looked at by our ever wise and bountiful tax payer supported stimulus funds.

Now that reports on the city income are coming in lower then projected, expected and wished for. The ever wise and diligent spend first ask later Mayor warns city employers that they may have to take a couple more days off from work at no pay.

While the liberal heavy city council is looking into proposed higher tax hikes (ways to steal and mismanage tax money). Mayor Hickenlooper instead of looking out for those who he is supposed to be taking care of. Is looking at the 53 million dollar shortfall in the budget.

HMMMM, a 53million dollar short fall? Was not the DNC convention supposed to bring money into town? Did not the federal government give Denver 50 plus million dollars for this as well. Just a financial coincidence?Where did this short fall come from. Could the Mayor and the City Council once again be spending money that they do not have? Well that does seem to be the trend for elected officials nation wide these days. Spend first , worry about where the money comes from later.

So in order to keep funds flowing to more liberal progressive programs for socialist activists. Mayor Hickenlooper wants the city employees to make up the funds by donating their paychecks to the cause. That's what he is asking when he denies them work.

Isn't this sort of an oxymoron of sorts. Don't work to pay for our short fall?

Anyways, I find it interesting how the Mayor wants to deny employees their right to earn a living, support their families, and improve their lives. All to help him balance his budget of mismanaged fiscal irresponsibility.

So why not try something that is proven to work. When you raise taxes an immediate increase in funds is evident. Yet in the long run or actually in no time at all you see a decrease in funds. Why, because people when faced with a higher sales tax go elsewhere to shop. Or when faced with higher taxes they hoard their money and do not spend it, but save it for a rainy day. SO why not lower taxes, see people spend money and the city coffers increase in funds. Does not this make better sense?

Are you watching this circus?